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Athletics at Denny

Denny International Middle School is a wonderfully diverse school, offering several sports. In keeping with our motto, “We All Belong,” any student who wants to participate in a sport will have a chance to learn and play.

All teams promote teamwork and togetherness in working towards a common goal. Effort, determination, good sportsmanship and scholarship (2.0 or above GPA) are a must for those wishing to participate in sports.

General Information

Teams: For all sports, there is a Varsity team for more experienced players and a JV team for those learningand/or building skills.  Coaches place players on teams based on skill.

Practice Days: Overall, practice days and times for each sport are determined by the coach.  Practices are typically twice a week.  Practices are scheduled during the week right after school and can fall on any weekday except Wednesday.  See individual sports below for specific practice times, which are posted once they are available,

Transportation for games: A bus is provided by the district to and from games.  Players may ride with a parent/guardian if the coach is notified.  Parents/guardians are highly encouraged to attend games to support their scholars.

Transportation after practice: The activity bus will be in the bus zone at Denny at 4:30 p.m.  OST registration is required for activity bus transportation.

Sports Schedules available on the district website

Coach Contact Info

Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee

Coach: Elizabeth Wisdom

Girl’s Soccer

Coach: Roberto Gutierrez

Boy’s Basketball

Head Coach: Isiah Hall

Assistant Coach: Charles Smith-Harrison

Assistant Coach: Robert Chandler

Girl’s Basketball

Head Coach: Stephen Boney

Assistant Coach: Darren Wilson

Boy’s Soccer

Coach: TBD

Girl’s Volleyball

Coach: TBD

Co-Ed Track

Coach: TBD

Requirements to Participate in Sports

Physicals: A physical in the last 24 months is required for all sports.  The physical is then good for 24 calendar months.  Your scholar’s doctor can fill out the SPS physical form based on the last wellness exam or physical if it was within the last 24 months.

If your scholar needs a physical, the Denny School-Based Health Center provides them free of charge. An appointment must be made for a sports physical. To make an appointment, call 206-923-2809.

Health Insurance: A scholar must have health insurance to play a sport. If not covered by a parent/guardian’s insurance plan, insurance can be purchased through SPS.

Forms: The following forms will need to be completed and submitted in advance. The forms can be accessed in the section below (except the OST form). Scholars can also pick up sports packets (with these forms included) in the main office.

  • Student Athletic Registration and Physical Forms
  • Parent Guardian Release Form (sport specific)
  • SPS Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness form
  • OST Program Registration paperwork (to plan for transportation)

Middle School Athlete Forms

Use the following guide to register your student for athletic programming. Once complete, these forms should be forwarded to the school where your student is participating.

Student Athletic Forms

Step 1: Athletic Registration Forms

Print, complete and return forms to school. Please note, high school and K-8/middle school students complete the same form.


Student Athletic Registration Forms

  • Registration forms are valid for one school year only

Step 2: Physical Exam Form


Student-Athlete Medical Forms

  • The HISTORY document (Page 1) should be completed and remain with your provider
  • The EXAM document (Page 2) should be completed and remain with your provider
  • The MEDICAL ELIGIBILITY document (Page 3) should be the only item submitted to your school
  • Physicals are valid for 24 consecutive months

Step 3: Program Guardian Release & Warning Forms

All forms are required. 

Step 4: Sport-Specific Guardian Release & Warning Forms

For each school year, one form is required for each sport student will participate.

Step 5: Guardian Awareness Forms

Print, complete and return forms to school.

Information sheets should be read and referred to throughout the year, but Information sheets do not need to be turned in to the school.

Additional District Resources and Forms

Student Athletic Handbook

Middle School and K-8 Athletics Handbook

Enrollment/Cross-Enrollment – Athletics Only

This checklist is for students who wish to participate with their neighborhood school’s athletic programs but are either not enrolled within the district OR who current district students needing to be cross-enrolled from their alternative high school. If any questions about the checklist, please contact the athletic school where your student would be participating.

Athletics Only Checklist  

Student Insurance

Seattle Public Schools makes available a student accident insurance program that can be tailored to your family’s needs. To learn more about available plans/enrollment or to ask additional questions, visit the District’s Risk Management Department link below.

Student Insurance Information

District Policies

Student Participation Fees: “Pay to Play” fees have been discontinued. Check with your school for any other additional fees.