Attendance at Denny Middle School

Report an Absence

Please email Crystal Uka

Attendance Policy

Attending school every day is important for students to be successful!

For questions regarding Denny’s policy, contact a Vice Principal. 206-252-9000.

Attending school every day is important for you to be a successful student. Illnesses and family emergencies are valid excuses for absences. After an absence, you MUST bring a written excuse to the Attendance Office before school, or your parent/guardian MUST call the Attendance Office at 252-9004 the day you are absent. Notes must include the date, reason and signature of your parent or guardian. Also, it is expected that a note from a physician be provided for illnesses causing you to be absent three or more days. Students who fail to bring notes or have parents/guardians call in for them will be marked unexcused and will be subject to truancy laws. We believe that being in class and on time is a top priority–you must be in class to succeed academically.

When returning to school after being absent:

If you have a note excusing your absence please see the Attendance Secretary, Crystal Uka

One unexcused absence within a month:
Parents will be notified by letter and/or phone.

Unexcused Absences/Becca Bill
Unexcused absences will result in detentions, parent conferences or other consequences determined by Denny International Middle School Staff. In addition, in accordance with the Washington State Becca Bill, the school is required to take the following actions:

Two, Three or Four unexcused absence within a semester:
A conference is required for the purpose of analyzing the causes of the student’s failure to attend school. This may be done, by phone, at school or by home visit.

Five or Six unexcused absences within a semester:
The school district may file a petition with the juvenile court.

Ten or more unexcused absences:
The school district files a petition with the juvenile court.

Tardy Policy

In order to get the most out of your education, it is critical that you are on time to school and on time to class. You are tardy to class if you are not in your seat with your materials out and ready to learn when class begins. Teachers will start class on time, and you will miss important instruction if you are late. For that reason, we have school and classroom tardy policies that will be enforced. Additionally, there are potential safety concerns when you are not where you are supposed to be. All teachers and staff are strict about enforcing the following rules and consequences.

If you are tardy to first period and it is still earlier than 8:10, go directly to your first period class. Your first period teacher will be assigning classroom-based consequences.

If you are tardy to first period and it is later than 8:10, go directly to the Attendance Office.

Tardiness to classes steps:

  • 1st time in the semester – Warning from the teacher
  • 2nd time in the semester – Assignment of Teacher Choice Time
  • 3rd time in the semester – Assignment of Teacher Choice Time and teacher phone call home
  • 4th time in the semester – Assignment of afterschool detention and referral to the office

After the fifth time, every tardy should include an after school detention, phone call home and an office referral. Office staff will move through a series of progressive consequences in addition to the teacher choice time, including after school detention; Friday School; Team meeting with student, parent, team mates, counselor and administrator(s); etc.

If a student does not come to an assigned ‘Teacher Choice Time’ steps:

  • 1st time Teacher assigns two ‘Teacher Choice Times’
  • 2nd time Teacher calls home and writes a referral to the grade-level Assistant Principal for additional consequences

Tardiness to school (after 8:10) steps (every time):

  • Student will be assigned a lunch detention.
  • Student’s parent will be contacted.

Additionally, the Attendance Secretary will monitor the names and frequency of tardy students and contact families and grade level Administrator.