Student Life

Out of School Time Programs

Denny Out of School Time (OST) Programs

OST Program Details and Schedule

  • Monday
    • Media Club: The class will focus on student creatives who enjoy content creation from short films, podcasting, photography, commercials, screenplays, social impact projects, live broadcasting, etc. Students learn the basic foundations of filmmaking production procedures through weekly hands-on assignments, from a master teacher who works professionally in the entertainment industry. In addition, students learn current industry standard foundational film writing processes, such as techniques for developing their ideas (i.e. pitching, ideation tools, themes, and storyboards). Students also learn how to produce a short movie, including equipment use, set protocols, set dressing, costumes, hair/makeup, and postproduction. 15 Students Max.
    • Futsal: come join and play indoor gym soccer! Futsal allows soccer players to learn how to be quicker with their movements and passes. There is a limited space of 30 students. So please apply as soon as you can.
    • Robotics: This class will focus on the fundamentals of modeling and constructing for the build of a robot to solve a real-life problem. Students will be asked to explore options and everyday task that can be made easier by automation.  15 Students Max
    • Art: Get an introduction to architecture and design. Learn to build models and emphasize your drawings to look realistic. Gain comprehensive skills in the field and better understand how built environments effect their communities and neighborhoods. 12 Students Max
    • Fitness Club: Learn the basics and mechanics in stretching, weightlifting, yoga, using cardio machines, etc.  15 Students Max
    • Fantasy Games: Community building through student interest in fantasy realm play. Make friends and build bonds within the school. You will be developing your reading and comprehension skills through roll playing games, and informal film study. Students will be able to express themselves through creative deck and world building.  20 Students Max
  • Tuesday and Thursday
    • Swimming Classes: These classes are 45 minutes. More than half the time spent on swim lesson and the rest of the time with free swim or practicing what you learned for the day. 16 Spot Max available. First come first served.
    • CoRe Gaming Club: Enjoy playing video games? Want to learn different techniques around emotional well-being, communication and interpersonal skills? This can all be taught through participating in playing games. CoRe Gaming has a great program if you’re interested. 15 Students Max
    • My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper: MSK is an initiative of the city of Seattle and Parks & Recreation to serve young African American Kings in the Seattle Middle Schools with a Parks Community Learning Center. All mentors are African American and recruited from the community. Class sessions include work around identity, culture, peer pressure, leadership, education and career readiness, self-love, race and social justice perspectives as well as community engagement. Each king will be assigned a mentor that will provide life skills coaching, school advocacy and weekly goal setting.   
  • Tuesday
    • Volleyball Skills & Drills: Come get skills and competitive play in Volleyball club.
  • Tuesday and Friday
    • Drama Club: Three of our wonderful teachers and one parent will partner up to bring Denny its first drama club in years. Learn improv, stage settings, study playwrights and maybe write your own script to contribute to a live play in the future.
    • Anime Club: Our purpose is to promote and educate the American public about Japanese animation (Anime) and comics (Manga), as well as provide a meeting place, presentations, information, and events for all the club’s members to build community with each other and learn from one another. Members will meet for the purpose of general social gathering and viewing of anime. The club will help maintain an appreciation and understanding of anime by showing anime that best represents the wide variety of anime that is available apart from hentai (perverse) anime since that type of anime spreads all the wrong impressions of the art form.
  • Thursday
    • Gender Sexuality Alliance: A student led organization with caring adults that unite LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities. Please join if interested!
  • Friday
    • Basketball Skills & Drills: If you plan to try out for the school team or just love the game of basketball, this is the program for you! Gain skills in basic basketball functions of passing, dribbling, shooting, rebounding and defending.
  • Monday through Friday
    • 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade ELA & Math Supports: Your wonderful Denny teachers are here to give scholars the extra support they need after school!