Denny International Middle School

Denny International
Middle School

A Letter from Principal Ingraham

Hello Denny Community,

Principal Ingraham and family

I am honored and thrilled to be joining the Denny Middle School community. You all have been so warm and welcoming, and I am so fortunate to be in such a vibrant and inclusive community. I have been working in education for over 15 years as a teacher, instructional and technology coach, Interventionist, AVID Staff Developer for professional learning, curriculum developer, assistant principal, and principal. A consistent thread throughout this time and in my different roles has been the continual love of working with others to achieve even more success and learning. I am a perpetual learner and seek opportunities to further develop my lenses so that I view every situation through multiple and varied perspectives. I am passionate about deeming all people’s differences as assets that better the community by developing meaningful relationships, collaborating, and providing equitable opportunities so that ALL can reach greater success.
Although I was not born in Washington, I grew up in the Seattle area. I lived in Shoreline for many of my formative years and recall playing soccer frequently in Chief Sealth Stadium and engaging with the incredible West Seattle Community. My passion for soccer continues today as I still play on three soccer teams as well as being an avid trail runner, sailor, skier, and reader. My focus and commitment, despite these hobbies, is with my family. My family is excited to become a part of the Denny Middle School community and to root for the sports teams, support the fine arts events, attend community events, and to show their enthusiasm for the Dolphins in ways that are yet to be discovered.
I am eager to partner with you to continue your strong legacy by building strong relationships and connections. I look forward to partnering with you.

Warm regards,
Mary Ingraham

Hola Comunidad de Denny, Es un honor y estoy emocionada de ser parte de la comunidad de Denny Middle School.  Todos ustedes me han dado una cálida bienvenida y soy muy afortunada de estar en una comunidad llena de energía e inclusiva.  Llevo 15 años trabajando dentro del sistema educativo, como maestra, asistente y maestro de tecnología, intervencionista, creando herramientas para personal, desarrollando curricular, asistente de director y como director.  Una constante a lo largo de este tiempo y en mis diferentes roles es la continuidad del amor de trabajar con otros para lograr más éxito y aprendizaje. Soy un estudiante perpetuo y busco oportunidades para desarrollar mi punto de vista y ver cada situación a través de múltiples y variadas perspectivas. Me apasiona considerar las diferencias de todas las personas como una razón para mejorar y desarrollar en la comunidad las relaciones significativas y de colaboración para brindar oportunidades equitativas para que TODOS puedan alcanzar un mayor éxito.

Un cordial saludo,

Mary Ingraham