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MSSP After-School Academics

Middle School After School Academics

The MSSP After-School Academic Intervention program here at Denny International Middle School is an asset to the school population. In the last two years, it has expanded to serve over four-hundred Denny students and looks to break that number in the 2010-2011 school year. We have seen positive results in every aspect of these after-school interventions and we look forward to building on this foundation of success. This is the first year where all providers of after-school academic interventions are intentionally aligned with the mission:

  • All students will reach grade level proficiency on the MAP and MSP
  • Classroom grades will improve
  • Students will be engaged, organized, and positive in their approach to learning and will be mentally prepared for High School

This alignment has allowed the MSSP coordinator position to develop a system for students to be recognized and placed in appropriate interventions to meet their specific academic needs. This has translated into more students being served and more positive academic and emotional growth of our students.

CLC Study Center

The CLC Study Center is a systematized homework help center directed in the Denny LRC and classroom 106. The LRC is broken into two units: mathematics, and language arts, while room 106 is dedicated to reading instruction. The CLC Study Center is staffed through Mr. King with two Literacy and two Math teachers.

8th Period Math

Students are chosen to participate in 8th period math based on the fact that they are 2-4 years behind their grade level equivalency on the math section of the MAP test. Through research and results here at Denny International Middle School, we have found that this gap in their mathematical knowledge is directly related to Number Sense. As a result, we use Singapore Math curriculum to specifically target this area of Number Sense. The end goal of this program is to accelerate academic growth in the area of mathematics and have all of our students reach grade level proficiency. In turn, this newfound confidence empowers 8th period math students to achieve at higher levels during their regular schedule math classes and be more engaged in the lessons.

Denny University

Students selected for LAT are students that are in need of additional interventions that they are unable to receive during their normally scheduled day. LAT provides students with a place to work on homework as well as a place to receive help on their unfinished in-class assignments. Traditionally, we have found that LAT students need to be coached on their organizational skills to be successful within the normal school day. This focus on organization empowers students to be more anticipatory and proactive in their education and leads to very positive results in their academics and behavior.