Denny International Middle School

Denny International
Middle School

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

May 22, 2024

Dear Parents/Guardians of Denny Eighth Graders:

As a way to celebrate your child completing middle school with us, we are having our Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 7:00 pm in the Denny/Sealth Auditorium. Scholars should “dress up” but formal evening wear is unnecessary. Due to the fact that the Promotion Ceremony will begin promptly at 7:00 pm, 8th graders will be asked to be lined up with their homeroom class by 6:30pm.

Each 8th grader will be given an envelope with three tickets for promotion (8th graders do not need a ticket themselves).  Due to fire code restrictions, you must have a ticket to attend the ceremony.  Young children who can sit on a lap (e.g. ages 2 and under) do not need a ticket. As we have more 8th-grade scholars promoting this year, please limit your request to only one additional ticket, and we will try to accommodate it.

If your family needs an additional ticket, please complete the online request form no later than 5pm on Sunday, June 16.

Requests for additional tickets will only be considered if we have additional tickets to provide after allotting one additional to each person making a request. If you will not need all three tickets, students should return any extra ticket to Ms. Roach in Room 312E so they can be redistributed. Please direct any questions about tickets for promotion to Assistant Principal Audrey Roach at or 206-252-8950.   

We are looking forward to celebrating this accomplishment with you and your child!


Mary Ingraham, Principal