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    Denny Important Hybrid Info, Response Needed
    Posted on 04/05/2021

    Hello Denny Scholars and Families!

    This email is for scholars and families who are choosing the hybrid option of returning to in-person part-time learning after Spring Break. You are assigned to a cohort based on your address, either on Monday & Tuesday (Cohort A) or Thursday & Friday (Cohort B) from 11:40-3:50 starting the week of Monday, April 19. 

    #1 – The way scholars are divided into cohorts is based on the last number of your home street address and if it is odd or even:

    Cohort A

    When? – Monday and Tuesday,

       11:40-3:50 at Denny


    Who? – Scholars with an ODD number as the last number in their street address

    Example1013 B S HENDERSON ST


    Cohort B

    When? – Thursday and Friday,

       11:40-3:50 at Denny


    Who? – Scholars with an EVEN number as the last number in their street address

    Example8124 Delridge Way SW, Apt 1 


    Cohort C

    WhenMonday – Friday at Home


    Who? Scholars who are staying fully remote

    #2: Attached is our new school bell schedule starting after Spring Break for all scholars. 

    Explanation: All scholars attend your morning classes online every day except Wednesday.  All scholars participate in your afternoon classes every day except for Wednesday.  For afternoon classes, some of you will be in-person based on your cohort days—everybody else is online for that class at that same time.  Attendance is required for all scholars in morning and afternoon classes (in-person or online) every day except for Wednesday. The Wednesday plan is the same as it is now and is based on small groups and independent online learning.

    Cohort A – Mon/Tues in-person in the PM and online on Thurs/Friday 

    Cohort B - Thurs/Friday in-person in the PM and online on Mon/Tuesday

    Cohort C (scholars who are not doing hybrid) – Online Mon/Tues/Thurs/Friday

    In other words, Every Denny Scholar will attend class daily in the AM & PM

    #3 We recorded our Hybrid family meeting on Wednesday this week.  If you missed it, the presentation is attached and the link to the recording is:

    #4: Attached is the “permission slip” to return to part-time in-person learning—please read it and give us your approval prior to your child coming to school.

    You can give your approval in two ways:

    1. Print the document, sign it, and send it to school with your child on their first day for their cohort.
    2. Send us an and email that says:

    “My name is _______________. My child’s name is ____________________. I have read and understand the “COVID-Informed Consent Document.”

    Please send this email to

    Thank you!

    Denny Schedule Spring 2021.pdf 

    Family Orientation In-Person Learning 4.7.21.pdf 





    Cohorts Spring 2021 Eng, Spn.pdf